Serving Carteret County and the Crystal Coast since 1983.

1010 W. Fort Macon Road

Atlantic Beach, NC 28512
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We are not the typical mow blow and go company. We make significant investments in top quality equipment, and maintain that equipment to ensure that the work we perform on your property will be done as well as possible, We use smaller mowers, in many instances 21” mowers to reduce scalping and prevent rutting. We sharpen blades and calibrate mowing heights several times per week to provide the cleanest cut possible. We also follow the NC State recommended mowing heights, and set the machines height for the specific properties turf type and site conditions. As with the other aspects of our business we have the quality, not quantity approach.

Many think that aeration here at the coast is not necessary due to the sandy soils. Sandy soils actually compact much quicker than soils containing more organic material. Frequent aeration are important to loosen the soil and allow water, nutrients and oxygen penetration. Compacted soils will reduce the vigor of your turf. The lawn will be more susceptible to the many stresses we have here at the coast.

We can provide a variety of mulch products. We install pine straw, shredded hardwood mulch, either dyed or natural, river rock, brick chips, or any other desired mulch/ground cover for your beds. Nothing dresses up a property better than a fresh mulch job. Having an adequate mulch layer also retains moisture and helps to prevent weeds. Mulch can also prevent soil runoff from rains, etc. Each type of mulch has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Pine straw has the benefit of helping to lower the pH. With the alkaline soils we have here, this can help reduce the pH, thus helping the plants in the beds. The pine straw also breaks down quickly adding organic material to the soils. This rapid breakdown can also be a downside, as it will need replenishing yearly.

Shredded hardwood mulch has the befit of being a longer lasting mulch. It retains moisture better than pine straw. Due to the greater biomass it breaks down more slowly. The natural hardwood will fade to silver after a few months but will not loose its moisture holding, and weed preventing qualities as fast as pine straw and therefore lasts longer.

Rock/stone will outlast any other mulch. It is far more expensive, but does have a long term payback, as you will not have to replace it periodically. We can use boulders, and varying sizes of rocks to create a unique, textured bed that is impossible to achieve with conventional mulches. The drawbacks to the rock/mulch are that it does not improve the soil structure, and does not decompose, thereby releasing nutrients into the soil. It also does not retain moisture as well as some of the other mulches.

We offer a variety of pruning services. Although we will shear material that requires shearing due to either growth habit or the desire of a formal specimen/hedge, our specialty is hand pruning. Hand pruning is an art that requires years to perfect. We have practiced this art since 1983 and are well versed in thinning, and rejuvenative pruning techniques. Selective hand pruning will improve the health of most plants/trees that are found in our area. Hand pruning produces fewer cuts, therefore lessening the possibility of disease/infection. We also selectively remove problem branches allowing healthy branches to receive more light and air circulation. This can have a significant impact on the vitality of the plant. Proper pruning has one of the largest impacts on plant health.

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